Book Lists

Where do you find good books?  Below are listed a few of the resources that I personally use.  These are primarily for homeschooling but could be used in many other scenarios as well.  Perhaps you are an adult looking to brush up on church history.  Or maybe you are searching for a Christmas gift for your teenage niece.  You may find what you are looking for in one of the lists.

Online Booklists
Classical Christian Education 1,000 Good Books List – Having a hard time finding a good book on your library shelves?  Try reserving some of the books on this list.  (If you don't know how to reserve books at your library you MUST find out.  It is a wonderful service!)  
All Through the Ages – History resource.  Very complete!  Compiles the recommendations from several sources (many on this list) and lists them chronologically.  I use this book more than anything else on this list.
Turning Back the Pages of Time-  This is an American history booklist for the younger grades.  Great resource!

Online Curriculum
Ambleside Online -  Free Charlotte Mason style online homeschool curriculum.
Old Fashioned Education – Uses many public domain books (free!).
Guest Hollow
Simply Charlotte Mason - Free curriculum guide

Curriculum – View their online catalogs for book ideas or order a print catalog.

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