Sunday, January 20, 2013

"Have you read ___________?"

I am known as a bookworm.  Because of this I often get the question, "Have you read _____________?"  Usually, the book they are referring is one that the masses are buzzing about.  Sometimes I read the books so I can respond.  Sometimes I don't waste my time.  No offense to the masses, but they generally don't flock towards quality books, even in Christendom.  

In the 90's "everyone" was reading The Prayer of Jabez. Below are three books that seem to have a strong following in this decade. Even though I've read these books I have no desire to write a review. But, I'm glad that others are willing to do that! I personally didn't care for any of the books listed below and I agree with the reviewers regarding their concerns.

Created to Be His Helpmeet

by Debi Pearl 

**I've read more than one reviewer say they threw this book against the wall.  I felt like it but was borrowing the book from a friend.  I completely agree with the review listed below and encourage you to forward it to friends who recommend this book.**

Review by Tim Challies
by Tood Burpo
**Everyone is reading this book.  I recommend just reading the reviews and then you won't have to.**

Review by Tim Challlies

One Thousand Gifts

by Ann Voskamp

One Thousand Gifts
**I don't care for the writing style of this book.  Very poetic.  Sentence fragments   Constantly.  Agh!  But, some people love it.  It is a preference.  There are other concerns with the book as listed in the review below.  However, it is not in the same "camp" as the first two books listed.  You could easily read this book and benefit from it if you read discerningly.**

Review by Tim Challies
Apology by Tim Challies (he felt his review was a  little harsh)
Ann Voskamp's response regarding one of the criticisms of the book (intimacy with God)

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  1. Hi Jenny. Thanks for stopping by. I hope you are keeping warm these days. We are doing fine.

    Let's see, I haven't read the reviews following, but I read Help Meet many years ago. I liked it, not 100% of it, but most of it; and I don't recall a lot of it since it's been so long, but I appreciated Debi's paragraphs on the 3 types of men: Mr. Steady, Mr. Visionary, and I forget the last off hand, Commander? It helped me to understand my husband's personality MUCH better.

    I also liked Heaven. I usually don't read that type of book, but I thought it was good for the most part. Granted, it's not to be taken in place of Scripture, nor do I think it was intended to do so. I know it gave great hope & comfort to a friend of mine who had just lost her son, but then Scripture contains all we need, so why read any other book?

    I haven't read 1,000 Gifts but was thinking of getting it, but thank you for showing this review because I wouldn't like that sort of poetic writing at all. You saved me some $'S. Thanks friend!

    I haven't read much at all lately, well, I have, but it's all been online on natural health -- essential oils, herbs, etc. Hope to return to my stack of books soon. :)

    Blessings to You & Yours!