Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Review: The Hole in Our Holiness

The Hole in Our Holiness

From the inside cover:
"The hole in our holiness is that we don't seem to care much about holiness.  Or, at the very least, we don't understand it.  And we all have our reasons for it: Maybe the pursuit of holiness seems legalistic.  Maybe it feels like one more thing to worry about in your already overwhelming life.  Maybe the emphasis on effort in the Christian life appears unspiritual.  Or maybe you've been trying really hard to be holy and it's just not working!  Whatever the case, the problem is clear: too few Christians look like Christ and too many don't seem all that concerned about it.  
This book is for those of us who are ready to take holiness seriously, ready to be more like Jesus, ready to live in light of the grace that produces godliness.  This is a book about God's power to help us grow in personal holiness and to enjoy the process of transformation."
Well, there you have it.  The above text is a better summary of the book than I could ever hope to write.  But, what I can write (as a reviewer) is that, in my opinion, DeYoung accomplished exactly what he intended to accomplish in defining the hole in our holiness.    

DeYoung begins the book by establishing that there is an enthusiasm gap between what "Christ has saved us from" and "all that Christ has saved us to."  The author says, " Shouldn't those most passionate about the gospel and God's glory also be those most dedicated to the pursuit of holiness?  I worry that there is an enthusiasm gap and no one seems to mind."

After the problem is established the book defines what holiness is and is not, unpacks some theology and makes it understandable (union with Christ, definitive and progressive sanctification, indicatives vs. imperatives) and exhorts the reader to holy living.  That is a brief snapshot of the book.  

I like this book.  A lot.  The message is applicable and accessible to all believers.  It is not only for those in ministry or those who "follow" Kevin DeYoung's blog or those who read dozens of theology books every month.  It is for everyone with a passion for holiness.  And, especially, it is for those where that passion is absent.

My reading time in limited to evenings after the children are in the bed, the house is picked up, the homeschool lessons for the next day are planned, etc.  Therefore, I'm very selective about the books that I read.  This one made the cut not only once, but twice. After I finished it I turned to the front and started again.  There was so much scripture that I want to look up and meditate on.  

The book is not long (146 pages) and the reading is not hard, but it is rich in application so I suggest you read it slowly.  Study questions are included in the back of the book.  I encourage you to put The Hole in Our Holiness on your Amazon wish list!  :-)  

I received this book free from Crossway in exchange for an honest review.

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  1. Great Review Jenny! Recognizing the LORD's Holiness, or the lack thereof in today's world, has been one of my pet peeves the last couple of years or so. Parents & most churches don't teach holiness anymore -- they're too busy swaying to the music, not taking the Bible seriously, and not wanting to offend anyone. And making lifestyle changes towards personal holiness is just more than what they can comprehend. How it must grieve our LORD. It sounds like a great book. My book stack looks more like a tower right now, but I'll have to keep this book in mind. Thanks for your review.