Sunday, August 26, 2012

What I've Been Reading

Ashamed of the Gospel

Ashamed of the Gospel, When the Church Becomes Like the World
 by John MacArthur -  Thanks to Jane over at Prairie Days for bringing this to my attention.  I started reading the 1993 edition that I borrowed from the library.  Excellent book, although I thought it could benefit from an update.  My pastor saw me reading and asked if I wanted to borrow the 2010 edition from his shelf.  Ah, it has been updated!  Good idea.  

Love and Friendship, Three Sisters, and A Collection of Letters by Jane Austen -  Those of us who appreciate the writings of Jane Austen mourn the fact that she only wrote six complete novels.  The stories in this book are some of her earliest writings.  It is a short book (59 pages), but if you love Jane Austen you just might find it as entertaining as I am.

Bob Jones Bible Truths, Book A, Learning from the Life of Christ - This is the Bible curriculum for my 7th grade daughter.  Since I was too thrifty to buy the answer key I've been reading through the book and creating my own answer key.  

Sweet JourneySweet Journey by Teri Maxwell -  This book is a Bible study that will help you develop the foundation of spending time in the Word.  A few of the topics addressed are:
  • practical aspects of time in the Word
  • prayer and creating a prayer notebook
  • scripture memorization
  • verse notebook
After I finish this book I plan to go through it again with my daughter.  It is basic, but it is the basics that we often neglect!

Managers of Their Schools: A Practical Guide to Homeschooling

Managers of Their School by Teri Maxwell - This was a reread.  I just need a shot in the arm as we will be starting our full homeschool schedule tomorrow.  Good practical advice here. 

**A reminder that I don't agree with everything in every book that I read.  Just because I post a book does not mean I endorse 100% of what the author says.  Use discernment when reading.**


  1. Wow, I think you and I could almost have a book club since we like the same authors. That is neat that your pastor saw that you were reading the Ashamed book and loaned you his updated one. Have a great week, oh, and a great start of school!

  2. Jane,

    How fun! If we lived a little closer when could borrow books from each other.