Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Review: Then Sings My Soul

"Hymns are distillations of the richest truths of God,versified, emotionalized, set to music, and released in the mind and from the mouth.  They're miniature Bible studies that lead us effortlessly to worship, testimony, exhortation, prayer, and praise.  They're bursts of devotional richness with rhyme and rhythm.  They clear our minds, soothe our nerves, verbalize our worship, summarize our faith, and sing our great Redeemer's praise."  ~~page 5~~
{{I really, really like this book.}}

How the Book is Organized
Then Sings My Soul is book 3 in a series written by Robert J. Morgan.  The book is divided into four sections.  The first section called "The History of Hymnody" traces the development of hymns from the Bible through modern gospel songs and contemporary praise.  At only 43 pages in length, this is well written but brief overview.  The second section highlights 56 hymns.  Each hymn has a two page layout- the left page showing the musical score with words and the right page giving biographical information about the author and perhaps a brief story behind the hymn.  Section three highlights six of the author's favorite hymn stories and shares the full story.  And in section four, the author shares some advice and opinion on how hymns should be used in private and in practice.  

What I Thought
Well, I already gave it away the beginning, but I really liked this book.  I was fascinated by the historical perspective that he provided.  learned the real story behind "It is Well With My Soul" (sorry, but we generally only hear the abridged version) and that "Jesus Loves Me" is actually a hymn with three full verses.  And, I was encouraged to not only sing hymns, but also memorize and read them.

Throughout the book, the author emanated a  passion for hymns.  It was clear that he thoroughly researched the stories for his book.  I don't agree with everything the author wrote in regards to how hymns should be used in public, nor do I agree that every "hymn" he included was worthy to be included (for example, "Up On the Housetop").  However, I think this book would be a worthy addition to any library.

I received this book free from the publisher through the Booksneeze book review program in exchange for an honest review.


  1. Thanks for this review, Jenny. It sounds like it's worth checking out.

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