Saturday, October 29, 2011

Book Review: Behind the Veils of Yemen

I haven't been ordering many review books lately.  While I love to read it takes time that I need to devote to homeschooling and being a wife and mom.  Oh yeah, and cooking and cleaning.  However, when I saw Behind the Veils of Yemen come through my email I knew I really wanted to read it.  So I ordered it.  And in God's perfect timing, the book arrived the day before we left on vacation.  The perfect chance to read a good book!

Behind the Veils of Yemen [ BEHIND THE VEILS OF YEMEN BY Shelby, Audra Grace ( Author ) Apr-05-2012Audra Shelby and her husband packed up their children (ages 2, 5 and 7 years old) and moved to Yemen as missionaries.  Her desire in this Islamic country was to share the gospel of Jesus Christ with Muslim women.  In this honest account, Audra shares her struggles to adjust to and understand the culture and the fears and doubts that she faced. 

Sometimes when I read a missionary book, I think, "I could never do that because (insert any reason: I have young children, the heat would be more than I can bear, I don't like spicy food, etc.)." But there is a transparency in Audra's writing that made me think, "Yes, that would be difficult.  She's showing that!  But with God's grace I could accomplish the task task for which he has called me."  She was honest with her struggles and her wrestlings with God.

Here are a sampling of her wrestlings (which my spell check says is not a word, but I rather like it)...

regarding her children...
"I had refused to accept that not only did God love my children more than I did, He also created them for His purposes, not for mine.  I had wrestled until I could make no other choice but to obey or disobey God's call to Yemen.  And then I submitted, reluctantly."

regarding a time when her husband was in the hospital with an very serious undiagnosed illness...
"I gritted my teeth and whispered that Kevin would get better if I believed hard enough.  So I willed him to heal, not recognizing whose will my faith was pursuing."

regarding doubts...
"Lord, if I had been raised to believe Islam, would I believe Mohammed to be God's messenger as strongly as I believe Jesus is the Messiah?  The question was like a worm eating at my faith."

This book was an encouragement to me.  It made the lives and struggles of missionaries more tangible to me.  And, in that way, I feel better equipped to pray for them.  In addition, I have a greater understanding of the Islamic culture and beliefs and how to pray for them.  What greater result can a book have than to drive us to our knees in prayer!

I received this book free from Bethany House Publishers in exchange for an honest review.


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