Saturday, April 2, 2011

Review: A Deeper Kind of Calm

A Deeper Kind of Calm by Linda Dillow  A Deeper Kind of Calm, by Linda Dillow, is subtitled Steadfast Faith in the Midst of Adversity.  In this short book, the author exposes the main theme of four Psalms with the purpose of teaching us to biblically respond during our "valley of weeping."  The four Psalms and their themes are:

Psalm 77 - The Song of Holy Remebrance (I remember)
Psalm 46 - The Song of Holy Confidence (I hide)
Psalm 63 - The Song of Holy Longing (I cling)
Psalm 84 - The Song of Holy Pilgrimage (I journey)

I really appreciated that this book did not follow a man created power of positive thinking model, but was instead fully centered around the Bible.  A four week Bible study included helps you to dig even further into different passages that relate to the Psalms.

As with any book, I would encourage you to read with discernment.  I rarely fully agree with everything an author says.

Disclaimer:  I received this book free from NavPress in exchange for an honest review.

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