Monday, April 12, 2010

The Danger of a Duplicate

My girls love having books read aloud to them.  My oldest so much so that I do believe she would enjoy an animated reading of the dictionary.  Or a dull reading, for that matter.  The point being, I read aloud often and they love it.

Based on Katlyn's suggestion, our most recent read aloud was Treasures in the Snow by Patricia St. John.  Excellent book!  If you want more details, since two words don't really capture the story line, feel free to jump over to Katlyn's blog.

However, imagine my surprise when, with three chapters left to read, they stopped asking for the book.  We had hit the climax!  What would happen to Dani?  Reading ahead it strictly forbidden and the book had been sitting on the same place on the shelf for days.  It was very curious.

The truth came out as the guilt ate away at them.  (Perhaps that is an overstatement.  They seemed more giggly than guilty.)  They had found another copy of the same book downstairs.  An old tattered copy that had to be gently held for fear pages would start wafting to the ground.  They had finished reading the book - but not the "forbidden" copy of the book.

The next book, and all copies herein, shall be place under lock and key.  A sad state of affairs, but it must be done to preserve the integrity of reading aloud.


  1. We LOVED "Treasures in the Snow"... well, we love anything by Patricia St. John! :)Also- just read "The Phantom Tollbooth" b/c of your blog entry, and really enjoyed that one as well. We'd just come off an intense series ("Kingdom Series" by Chuck Black), and so it was a nice change of pace.

  2. How funny! That sounds just like my brothers! they would just say, I read it a year or so ago :)

  3. Too, too funny, Jenny! Yes, I would find that curious as well. Thanks for the chuckle!